8 Steps to String a Weed Eater

If your weedeater’s string has come off or needs replacing, you will be happy to know that it is an easy procedure to replace it. Your manual will have the specific instructions on your particular brand and model so be to follow that and use us as a supplementary guide. You will need a new weed eater rated cord or string, your weed eater and possibly an oil wrench or specific tool that came with your device.


1. Of course the first thing you should do is make sure the weed eater is de-energized by removing any power sources and pressing the trigger to ensure it is not going to turn on while you’re working on it. Another reason is any energy that is stored inside will be discharged and not give you an unpleasant shock.

2. This is a good time to clean it up. Make sure any grass and debris is removed from the whipping chamber.

3. The spool itself will have some locks and you will have to push on the spool and flip the locks to release the spool itself. After that, carefully remove the spool from its housing.

4. Remove any old line and debris. Next you will feed in the new line. It is kind of like sewing a button on a shirt if you have ever done that. You don’t need to tie off the line inside because it will be secured by the internal locking device.

5. Now you can wrap the trimmer line in the direction of the arrows. You will notice two groves and instruction where the line is to be sitting.

6. Now you can place the spool back in the weed eater chamber and ensure that the trimmer line is fed through and coming out of both sides of the spool. You will hear a snap when the spool is locked in to place properly.

7. Once the spool is in place you will need to pull on both ends of the trimmer line at the same time. This will again ensure it is locked and properly seated. If your weed eater has a locking ring it will need to be replaced now as well.

8. The last thing is to test it. Before you go out with guns a blazing, it is important to start slow. Make sure you are wearing the proper safety equipment and start the trimmer off slowly. If something seems off or smoke develops, turn it off immediately. If everyone looks okay, then you can try it full power. Also try varying the speeds. Your next test will involve actually cutting some grass or debris. Again if all goes well, then you are set.

That’s all there is to it. Replacing a weed eater string is simple and will give you the performance you need when cleaning up your yard. Remember to work safe!